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The Detective And The Thief - Abella Danger & Haley Reed

Detective Abella Danger walks into the massage parlor and immediately goes to the front desk and starts shifting stuff around. She got a call about some missing money and is hoping to find a clue so she can wrap up the case. She starts looking around and opening the drawers to look through them. When Haley Reed walks in the room, she's shocked to find a stranger rummaging through the salon. She asks the person what they're doing. Abella takes off her coat and hat. She continues looking around and responds that she got a call about some missing money. Haley changes her tone from aggressive to personable and asks if Abella has found anything or how she can be of any assistance. She can't let Abella know that SHE'S the thief she's tracking down. Haley's efforts backfire as the suspicious Abella stops dead in her tracks and starts pummeling Haley with questions. Abella stops dead in her tracks and starts pummeling Haley with questions. Her tone is serious as she's determined to find her suspect. Where was she on the day in question? Did she have an alibi?Haley starts sweet-talking her saying that Abella must be so tired and would probably benefit from a break. Abella states that she just needs more time but Haley insists that she should take a break. In fact, why doesn't she give her a massage on the house? Abella agrees and Haley leads her to the back.Haley asks Abella to take off her clothes and lie down on the table before briefly leaving the room. Haley returns and oils up her hands as she starts working on her back. She massages her back and then moves to her legs. When she works her way up to her ass, Abella asks her what she's doing. Haley jokingly says that she's investigating the source of the detective's stress. Haley plays up this dialogue, playfully saying that in a lot of ways they're alike because she uses intuition and deduction to find the source of her clients' stress and pain. Abella explains that there's a lot more to detective work than that. Haley asks her to elaborate, asking her to go into more details about this current case.As Abella talks, Haley is secretly looking for any opportunity to learn more about what the detective knows or doesn't know. Throughout this, Haley keeps massaging telling her the detective that it must feel so good since she's so tense. Abella takes a moment before answering, stating that in fact, it does feel really good. Abella gets to a point in her description of the facts of the case so far, that seems like she might be starting to put two and two together and suspect the masseuse. So, to distract her, Haley asks her to turn around as she oils up her hands and starts massaging her feet and legs. She slowly moves up, making sure not to get too close to her pussy yet. She wants Abella to be completely lost in the moment before she attempts that... Haley's prepared to go all the way to keep her secret safe from the daring detective.

3 Dec 2018 | 12:00 am EST

Secret Sister-In-Law - Jane Wilde & Lilly Ford

Jane Wilde walks into the massage parlor and is greeted by Lilly Ford, the masseuse. Jane informs her that she wants a massage but isn't sure what they offer. Jane just went through a big life experience that caused a lot of stress, so she just wants to relax. Lilly tries not to pry, and suggests their NURU massage since it involves a body-sliding technique that is definitely not included in your standard massage packages. Jane agrees to try it.Lilly leads Jane to the private room and explains the steps of the massage - undressing, shower, and then a massage on the mat. She says that some clients prefer privacy during the undressing but Jane invites her to stay, she's about to see her naked for the rest of the massage after all. The two small-talk and seem to get along well as they undress and begin to shower together.Lilly asks what's causing her to be stressed? Jane tells her that her body is fine, she's just tired and worn out mentally since it's been a crazy week. She and her boyfriend just decided to elope, and her family has been furious ever since they found out. They haven't even told her new husband's family yet - she hasn't even met them, so it's been nothing but stress ever since. Lilly listens sympathetically and says she can see why Jane wants a massage, that sounds like a wild situation. 'At any rate, you've come here to relax, so try to put family out of your mind today,' says Lilly. They share some small talk, and when Lilly sees Jane's wedding ring, she remarks that it looks quite expensive. Jane boasts that her husband's a lawyer. 'Oh neat,' Lilly replies, saying that her brother is also a lawyer that works for some hot shot law office downtown. Small world, they agree with a smile.The shower goes on otherwise uneventfully, and while the girl-on-girl rubdown is full of sensual touching and moans of pleasure, it's not directly sexual - Lilly seems attracted to Jane, but doesn't seem to want to seduce a married woman. Jane meanwhile blissfully mentions that Lilly's hands on her breasts and ass 'feels really good' in the same way it would if she was massaging her shoulders. After the shower, the girls move to the final stage of the massage on the mat.Lilly begins to apply the NURU gel all over both their bodies, coating their smooth skin and perky breasts with glistening oil. They continue small-talking, and Lilly casually asks what Jane's husband's name is. When Jane tells her his name, Lilly freezes. 'Is something wrong?' Jane asks. Lilly stops what she's doing and sits up. That's her brother's name, she explains. Jane looks at her with an awkward smile. 'Then... uhh... I guess that makes us sisters-in-law!' she says with a bit of an apologetic tone.Lilly is shocked. She can't believe her brother didn't tell her he was getting married! Jane says she's sorry - she didn't know his reasoning, or anything. Lilly tries to get over it and tells Jane not to worry about it - she can keep her professional and private lives separate.Jane is surprised, saying does she really think it's still appropriate to go through with the massage? Lilly says that them being sisters-in-law doesn't change anything, they're already naked together. Jane replies that she's worried Lilly is taking things too far. Now that they've put the pieces together, she remembers her husband told her once that his sister is a lesbian and that she had a habit of trying to steal his old girlfriends. Lilly admits that that's true, but that she doesn't do that type of juvenile prank anymore.When Lilly tries to continue with the massage, Jane stops her, still not feeling comfortable with being touched by a lesbian. She's not even gay! Lilly says that that's what all his ex-girlfriends said too, and she converted every last one of them. Girls just can't resist her! Jane doesn't believe her, but Lilly says it's true and she'll even bet her on it. If Jane agrees to have sex with her and then still swears by the end of it that Lilly's brother does it better, or any guy she's been with for that matter, then Lilly will help smooth things over with the rest of her family. Jane thinks it through, and hesitantly agrees. There's no way Lilly is THAT good.Lilly begins to massage her new sister again, only this time with erotic intent. At first Jane is determined to not enjoy herself, but very quickly she finds herself melting under Lilly's expert touch. Since she already has Jane warmed up from the massage, Lilly dives straight into tribbing and eating pussy, which drives Jane wild. Maybe Jane might be converted after all!

28 Nov 2018 | 12:00 am EST

Friendly Competition - Brandi Love & Jill Kassidy

Brandi Love is in her car on the phone with her receptionist and is royally pissed off. She's just been informed that another one of her regulars has switched salons and is going to the new one down the street. This is the 4th client they've lost to the competition and she's had enough. What is this new salon providing that is taking clients that have gone to her establishment for years? The only way to find out is to go down there and investigate it herself. She asks her receptionist to book an appointment under a fake name and make the call from a pay phone to not arouse any suspicion. If she's going to go undercover, she needs to make sure they're not onto her.Brandi gets a text stating that the massage has been booked and that she's to go there immediately. She walks over to the massage parlor and walks in. She looks around and frowns stating that the place looks tacky. When Jill Kassidy greets her, she asks if she can help Brandi. Brandi has her back to Jill. When she turns around, Jill raises her eyebrows suspiciously. She asks Brandi if she's been here before, knowing full well that she's the owner of the massage parlor down the street. She asks Brandi if she works in the neighborhood. Jill plays it cool and ignores the urge to expose her. She welcomes her to the salon and asks how she may be of service. Brandi says that she's heard a lot of people complaining about this new place and was just wondering how it's still open. Jill smiles enjoying the charade and responds that if she's here for a massage then she can show her why this place is so successful.Brandi sees the table and asks if it's even sturdy enough to hold up a person. She walks up to it and presses down on it to drive her point home. Jill asks her to get undressed. Brandi asks her if she's going to turn around but Jill challenges her saying that it wouldn't be the first time she'd be seeing a naked woman. Brandi defiantly takes off her clothes and throws them to the floor. 'Happy now?' she remarks. Jill smiles and stands her ground. She asks her to lie down. When Jill pours the oil on her back, Brandi tells her that's not how she's supposed to do it. She supposed to warm it up in her hands and then apply it to the skin. Jill understands that Brandi is just testing her and apologizes saying 'my mistake'. When Jilli starts massaging her back, Brandi tells her that her technique is off and adds that she must have learnt her technique in an alleyway. Jill is trying to restrain herself. She adds that her clients love her technique and that's probably why they're getting so many new patrons. Brandi retorts 'Oh I don't know about that, new businesses do well at the beginning but end up failing after two years.'When Jill starts massaging her ass, Brandi tells her that it surprisingly feels good. When Jill asks her if this is the way she massages clients at her salon, Brandi looks like she's just been caught stealing. She exhales nervously and asks how she knew. Jill laughs saying that she probably doesn't remember this, but years ago she used to come to her salon and her experience there inspired her to become a masseuse. Brandi exclaims that she remembers her now and is glad to see her!

26 Nov 2018 | 12:00 am EST

NURU Fixes Everything - Abella Danger & Dean Van Damme

Masseuse Abella Danger is at her massage parlor when she realizes that the roof is leaking. Annoyed that she just had it fixed a few weeks ago, she calls the handyman service again. A short time later, Dean Van Damme walks into the massage parlor with his ladder and toolbox in hand. Abella greets him at the door. Telling him that she's just got some paperwork to catch up on, she assures him that she shouldn't get in his way. He sets his ladder down and starts climbing up the stairs. He climbs up two steps and lets out a huge yell before stepping back off the ladder stiffly. She runs to his aid and asks him what's wrong. He tells her he's had back issues in the past but they haven't acted up in a while. She asks him if he minds if she has a look and he agrees.She frets over him, worrying that this is just her luck, she has so much to do and first the roof is causing problems and next she has an injured handyman to take care of. The handyman mentions that if she thinks she's unlucky, she's welcome to trade places with him. She apologizes for being so insensitive, and checks out his back, telling him that she needs to take off his shirt so she can get a better look. He asks her to help him as he's still in a lot of pain. She starts feeling around his lower back, eventually offering to give Dean a NURU massage since she feels it would really help him. Dean accepts. She leads him to the massage area and asks him to take off his pants. When he asks her if that's necessary, she tells him that he definitely doesn't want to get any gel on them. She helps him take them off and has him lie down on the mat. She gels up her hands and slips off her bra, explaining to Dean that a NURU massage requires a lot of body to Straddling him as he lies face down, Abella slowly pours NURU gel on his body, sliding her perky tits along his back. She gives Dean a deep, intense massage. Soon, Abella has Dean flip over onto his back as she slides her panties off. Abella climbs on top of Dean, slathering his chest in NURU gel before gliding her glistening body along his. Dean gasps with satisfaction as Abella's pussy grazes his increasingly hard cock. As Abella slides her tits along Dean's stiff dick, she is having trouble resisting it and licking her lips in anticipation, grips it and begins to stroke it sensuously. But Abella's just getting started, and she lowers her lips to Dean's throbbing cock, determined to help him forget all about his back problems. Dean may be the handyman, but Abella's about to use a lot more than just her hands to show him that NURU fixes EVERYTHING.

23 Nov 2018 | 12:00 am EST

4 Hands... 2 Sisters - Zoey Foxx & Gia Derza

Stepsisters Zoey Foxx and Gia Derza are hanging out in their living room, talking about their next test for a massage certification course they're taking, and what area of the body they've been focusing on. While Gia talks about how she enjoys massaging the legs because of all the muscles and bone density, Zoey retorts that her favorite part is the back because it's so strong and fragile at the same time. They both receive a text at the same time. Gia picks up her phone and tells her sister that her friend canceled. Zoey responds that her friend canceled too and now they have no one to practice on.After a second, Gia has an idea. Maybe they could practice on...each other? Zoey feels a little weird about it since they're sisters but Gia reminds her that they're just step-sisters and anyway, they don't have time to find replacements to practice on. Zoey agrees and they set up the table. When Zoey asks who should go first, Gia suggests that Zoey take off her clothes and lie down. Zoey takes off her clothes and lies down on the table as Gia oils up her hands and starts working on her. Gia rubs her sister down and wastes no time in working her way down to Zoey's plump ass. When Zoey asks if she should be doing that, Gia tells her that there seems to be a lot of stress in that area. Zoey agrees that there is a lot of stress there and gives Gia the go-ahead, who slathers oil on Zoey's juicy ass. As Gia works her glistening bottom, Zoey begins to gasp with enjoyment. But, feeling like she may be enjoying this massage a little TOO much, Zoey abruptly suggests that she turn over. Gia begins massaging Zoey's breasts, and it isn't long before her hand creeps down to Zoey's pussy. Zoey stops Gia, saying that she shouldn't be doing that. Gia isn't sure what the big deal is. Zoey says that if it's really no big deal, then why doesn't she lie on the table and let Zoey massage her? Gia eagerly agrees and takes off her clothes, lying down on the table.Zoey moves her hands on her stepsister's beautiful body and finds herself enjoying it more than she anticipated. Zoey's not the only one enjoying it, and Gia tells her so, commenting that Zoey is very good with her hands. Zoey thanks her, turning her attention to Gia's ass, pouring oil on it as she lovingly squeezes it. Gia is in heaven but mentions that there's an even better angle to relieve tension. She flips over onto her back, spreading her legs wide and exposing her shaved pussy invitingly. Zoey can definitely take a hint and lowers her face between her sister's legs, gently licking her pussy. She can't handle it for long, and as Zoey flicks her clit with her tongue ring, Gia cums, screaming in ecstasy. But their practice session is far from over, and these two sisters are about to learn much more than any massage class could ever teach them.

19 Nov 2018 | 12:00 am EST

I Married The Wrong Brother - Lucas Frost & Maya Kendrick

Lucas Frost walks into the salon and looks around. There's no one in the reception area. He says hello, hoping someone will come and greet him. Maya Kendrick walks in with a look of bewilderment on her face. Lucas greets her normally and she retorts 'I can't believe he convinced you to come here.' Maya is about to pick up the phone when Lucas stops asking her what she thinks she's doing. She tells him she's gonna call her husband, that idiot brother of his. 'He just wants us to get along' Lucas says softly. Maya laughs coldly saying that she has no intention of getting along with the likes of him. Lucas's tone changes from compassionate and pleading to a serious one. He tells her that he came all this way and all he wants is a massage and that it's not a big deal. She rolls her eyes and asks him to follow her.Lucas walks in and looks around. He compliments the setup. She looks at him and says 'like you even care'. She says that they should start so they can get this over with as quickly as possible. He asks her where the table is and she responds that she doesn't use a table. She explains the steps in the Nuru massage; the shower to remove the toxins, the application of the oil on the skin...the body to body contact. Lucas doesn't feel it's appropriate but Maya insists that it's no big deal, it's all part of the regular service. 'Take off your clothes and let's get this over with,' she tells him. Lucas gets undressed. He watches her as she takes off her clothes. Maya notices this and asks him what he's looking at. He just smiles back and shakes her head in disbelief that she's doing this and tells him to hurry up and get in the shower.They walk into the shower and she lathers up his whole body but eventually notices that he's hard as a rock. Embarrassed, Lucas apologizes. She tells him that there's nothing to apologize for, it's actually...nice. He is still shy and covers his hard dick as she continues to wash him. She's having trouble taking her eyes off of his dick. Soon, her formerly standoffish attitude has vanished and she gets on her knees to make sure that every inch of Lucas is clean. She lathers up his cock and begins stroking it. He gasps, mentioning that he never thought his brother's wife would be washing his dick today. She laughs, reminding him that it's all part of the regular service. She rinses him off, telling him that it's time for the massage.In the massage area, he lies down on his chest as she starts pouring oil all over his back and legs. She spreads the oil evenly all over his body and gives him a deep massage. Eventually she straddles his ass, which surprises Lucas. What is she doing?! She explains that body-to-body contact is an important part of the massage. Despite his reluctance, Lucas likes how it feels and lets Maya do her thing. She slides her lithe body on Lucas, eventually asking him to flip over.She oils up his front and begins to body slide along his dick. Eventually she moves lower, taking his hard cock in her hand. She tells Lucas that she just wants to help repair their relationship and give him the best experience possible. Lucas isn't arguing. She may be Lucas' sister-in-law, but right about now, with his cock in her mouth, Maya may be thinking that she married the wrong brother...

16 Nov 2018 | 12:00 am EST

Conference Booty Call - Brandi Love & Dean Van Damme

Dean Van Damme shows up at a massage parlor for his massage, but there's no one there to greet him... until the sexy Brandi Love, dressed only in her lacy underwear, hurries into the room.She apologizes, saying that she wasn't expecting any clients right now. She has an important conference call -- can Dean come back in an hour when she's done? He tells her that he's traveled an hour to get there, and he's had the massage booked for two weeks, so... After a few moments, Brandi gets a brilliant idea: she'll massage Dean AND do the conference call at the same time!She grabs a nifty headset and leads Dean into the massage parlor. Although Dean's probably expecting a shower, he gets a bath instead so that Brandi can stay in the conference call. As she begins the call, with various other parlor owners discussing the numbers they're seeing, the masseuse and client strip down. Brandi is calm and collected as she bathes Dean, who is getting more aroused with each passing minute but remaining quiet.They then move over to the inflatable mattress where the NURU massage begins. Now Brandi finds it harder to be quiet now herself as she sensually rubs her hands all over Dean's oily body. She can't help but to make plenty of innuendos along the way, referring to 'big' numbers while gazing lustfully at Dean's hard cock.Once Brandi oils her body up and they start slipping and sliding together, the people in the conference call get suspicious, especially when Brandi boldly goes down on Dean. The wet sounds of her blowing Dean make her colleagues question where she is and what she's doing. She insists that she's just at the water cooler -- the microphone is very sensitive and is catching every little sound. Now that Brandi and Dean can't resist each other any longer, she tells her colleagues to take a 15-minute break. She then tosses aside the headset and eagerly slips Dean's cock into her pussy, which gives her plenty of ideas on how her colleagues can increase their numbers even more next quarter!

14 Nov 2018 | 12:00 am EST

Feng Shui Your Pain Away - Victoria Voxxx & Emily Right

Emily Right walks into the massage parlor for her massage. Masseuse Victoria Voxxx greets her and, focused on Emily's relaxation, asks her if there is anything about the space that she can change to make her more comfortable. Emily looks around the room and mentions that she would definitely change the table which is 'stifling the energy in the room.' She walks over and tries to move it, hurting her back in the process. She yells out in pain and Victoria rushes to her side to help her. 'Oh you poor thing, are you ok?' says Victoria. 'I think I hurt my back,' says Emily. Victoria tells her she's gonna have to take a look at her back, she just needs her to walk to the massage table with her. 'Can you do that?' Victoria asks. 'Yeah, I think I can manage' Emily replies.Emily peels off her shirt and Victoria feels around her back, but can't seem to pinpoint the problem. 'Let's take off the rest of your clothes and have a closer look.' Emily willingly agrees as Victoria helps her undress. She lies back down on her chest as Victoria oils up her hands and gets to work. As Victoria runs her hand down her back, Emily asks 'You know about the energy centers of the body?'. 'Of course I do, I studied ancient medicine and learned all about it' Victoria responds. 'As long as we can get the energy flowing again, you should be able to walk out of here today,' Victoria says. 'Wow....ok...that's awesome...I mean whatever you think works I'll do,' Emily says breathlessly. Victoria massages Emily's body as she oils it up. When she starts massaging her ass, Emily asks what she's looking for there. Victoria says that 'your chi is stuck in the sacral chakra and needs to be released'. 'Why don't we turn over so we can have a look' Victoria suggests and Emily turns over to lie on her back.Victoria runs her hands on her chest saying that her 'solar plexus chakra isn't as congested' but needs work nevertheless. When Victoria runs her hands over Emily's pussy, she starts moaning. 'I can feel the energy running through me,' says Emily. 'Of course you can, you're sensitive to the energy of the universe that courses through your body,' Victoria says. She lowers her soft tongue to Emily's wet pussy. Victoria is about to introduce Emily to some chakras that she never even dreamed existed.

12 Nov 2018 | 12:00 am EST

Stepson Surprise! - Tyler Nixon & Isabelle Deltore

Tyler Nixon walks into Isabelle Deltore's massage parlor and calls out her name. 'Hey Mom!' he says. She runs into the room with a look of horror on her face. 'What are you doing here young man?' she asks him. He tells her he booked a massage the other day to support her and has come in for his appointment. Isabelle tells him that that's impossible. When she looks at the calendar she sees a fake name. Tyler laughs at his ingenuity adding that he used a fake name to keep it a surprise. She tells him that unfortunately he's gonna have to come back another time. When he asks her why, she explains that she's the only one in the parlor and that he's her son. He cuts her off correcting that he's her step-son. Before she has a chance to stop him, he picks up the first thing he sees: a bottle of massage oil. He reads the label out loud: 'sensual massage oil' and asks her why they have this type of oil at her salon. She laughs nervously explaining that the company fucked up the order and refused to take it back. 'If this is a regular massage parlor then why are you dressed like a stripper?' he asks. She replies that that's just the uniform here. He asks her 'Aren't you the one who decides what your employees wear since it's your business?' She lies and says, as a matter of fact, the employees voted on it together to basically improve morale. He laughs and shakes his head, 'Mom, you don't even let us choose our breakfast're the bossiest person I know!' Isabelle waves him off, but he continues, saying that part of the reason he wanted to surprise her was so they can now spend more time together, adding that his dad would love that. She narrows her eyes suspiciously. Is he trying to blackmail her? Of course not, he just thought this would be a great way for them to...connect, he says. Isabelle thinks for a moment, finally telling him that she'll give him the massage under the condition that he never tell his father about this. Tyler promises he won't say a word as long as he gets a massage just like the ones she gives her clients.They get started, getting naked as Tyler eagerly jumps into the shower with his hot mom. She starts lathering up his body. As she slowly scrubs him down, Isabelle is becoming more and more turned on by her stepson's body while Tyler can't resist sneaking peeks at Isabelle's glistening form. As Isabelle gets down on her knees and begins to soap up Tyler's lower front half, his cock dangles in her face. Desperately trying to contain herself, she tells him to turn around so she can wash his backside. He does, but when he turns back around, his dick is semi-hard and Isabelle's eyes go wide. He sheepishly asks her if she's going to wash that area. She hesitates but starts stroking his dick. It gets fully hard in no time and she licks her lips breathlessly. Soon she can't resist anymore and tells Tyler that she needs to make sure he's TOTALLY clean and gives his cock a little lick before sliding her luscious lips over it. Isabelle deepthroats Tyler's dick as he moans with pleasure. Anxious to get Tyler on the massage mat, Isabelle stands up, telling him he's clean enough and that it's time for his massage. Tyler follows her out of the shower excitedly. On the mat, she spreads NURU gel all over his body as he lies on his front. She caresses him sensually before gelling herself up and sliding her perfect body on his. Flipping him over, she slides her wet tits along his throbbing cock, eventually lowering her lips and sucking greedily on it. But things are about to get even crazier, and Tyler's about to find out that his step-mom is full of all sorts of surprises...

9 Nov 2018 | 12:00 am EST

Marathon Massage - Valentina Nappi & Avi Love

Avi Love stumbles into the massage parlor. It's clear from her face that she's in pain. When the masseuse, Valentina Nappi, asks her what happened, she replies that she hurt herself training for a marathon. Valentina helps her to a chair and fetches her a bottle of water. Avi promptly gulps it down and tells Valentina she needs her help. Valentina says she'll do ever everything in her power to get her better. Valentina helps her up, puts Avi's arm around her neck and helps her walk to the massage room.

Once they arrive at the massage table, Valentina asks Avi if she needs help undressing. Avi replies that she can certainly use the help, she's in way too much pain to do it herself. Valentina starts undressing Avi. She does this slowly as she enjoys the view. When Avi is completely naked, she puts her hands on Valentina's back.

She moves her hands up and down sensually. By the look on her face, Valentina is having the time of her life. By the look on Avi's face, it's obvious that the way Valentina is massaging her is exactly what she needed. She works on her shoulders and runs her hands down her back. When Valentina starts working on her ass, Avi asks her what she's doing. Valentina reiterates that everything is connected in the body. When Valentina asks Avi if she feels a bit better she confesses that she does feel a little better. Valentina moves her hands back to Avi's back to appease her and then asks her to turn around.

Avi lays on her back as Valentina starts massaging her breasts. Avi tenses up and Valentina has to remind her that if she doesn't learn how to loosen up she's never going to get better. Avi starts settling into it and Valentina starts playing with her nipples. When Valentina asks her if it feels good, she nods in agreement.

When she moves her hands down to her stomach and gets close to her pussy, Avi tenses up again but Valentina isn't going to let that stop her from playing with Avi's pussy. She reminds her again that she needs to relax as she plays with her pussy. Avi starts breathing heavily indicating that she's getting really into it. Once she starts finger fucking her, Avi voices that she feels so much better! This leads to passionate sex with lots of pussy eating and tribbing as Avi repays Valentina in kind for fixing her back. When they finish each other off, Valentina asks Avi how her back feels. When Avi tells her it's not 100%, Valentina responds that they should probably book another appointment next week.

5 Nov 2018 | 12:00 am EST

My Boss Wants My Wife! - Marcus London & Silvia Saige

The doorbell rings and Marcus London opens the door to find Silvia Saige and her husband Billy eagerly waiting to come in. He invites them in as Billy introduces his wife to Marcus. Marcus takes her hand and kisses it. 'Charmed' he says. While Billy hangs up his windbreaker, Marcus holds Silvia's hand a little longer than she's accustomed to. She slowly pulls it away as he smiles creepily. Billy doesn't notices this as he thanks Marcus for the invitation, being careful to call him Mr. London. Marcus leads them to the dining room table. When they sit down Marcus doesn't waste any time getting to the point. He begins, saying 'I know you've been working really hard in the hopes of getting promoted and I gotta say, I'm not too sure if I can make that happen'. He pauses momentarily then finishes his sentence. 'Unless...' He looks at Silvia. 'You're a masseuse, right?' Billy looks at his wife while she looks at Marcus suspiciously. 'Yeah.....why?' she replies. 'I was thinking.... perhaps we could skip the main course and go straight to dessert' he says. 'And what the hell does that mean?' she says. ' shouldn't talk to my boss like that...he invited us into his home.' Silvia looks at her husband and shakes her head. Marcus says 'I'm sorry for the confusion...what I meant to say is this, Billy if you want that promotion then I'll give it to you, I just had a long day and my back is killing me. If your wife would be so kind as to give me a massage perhaps we could speed up the process and bump up your salary just a tad.' Both Silvia and Billy respond at the same time. 'Yes she'll do it,' he says while at the same time she says 'Absolutely not'.Billy leans over and whispers in his wife's ear. 'Honey, this is our chance.' Silvia cuts off her husband and she covers her mouth to make sure Marcus doesn't read her lips. 'I am not massaging this disgusting man'. 'Please honey...this is my one chance to rise up the ranks at gotta to this for me,' Billy replies. 'Fine' she says not believing that she's actually considering this. She looks at Marcus and says 'Let's get this over with.' They walk into the back room and she notices there's no massage table, just a rubber mat on the floor. 'Where am I supposed to be massaging you on....the floor?' She laughs to herself annoyed. 'How about that Nuru massage I've heard about?' says Marcus. 'You want me to give you a Nuru massage?' Silvia asks. 'That would be do offer that right?' says Marcus. She responds sarcastically 'Well yeah, at the salon.... not when I'm supposed to be having dinner at my husband's boss's house.' 'You do want your husband to get that promotion, right?' says Marcus. She cuts him off 'Ok ok bigshot, let's get this started, I don't want to make my husband wait too long.' 'Perfect' Marcus says. 'Take off your clothes and let's go to the shower' she says. She squeezes some soap into her hands and starts lathering his body. 'That feels good' he says. 'You always accustomed to bribing your employees?' she retorts back. 'I'm just exchanging one service for another,' he says. She explains to him that her husband earned that promotion through hard work. He corrects her saying that her husband anticipated getting one but didn't earn anything because he's actually kind of dumb. Silvia laughs saying that she certainly can't argue with that. He adds 'Look, one massage for a raise in his salary...that's not a bad deal if you ask me.' Silvia warms up to him and pretty soon, she can't resist putting her hands around his hard cock. They begin to kiss as Marcus plays with her pink nipples. Silvia continues to caress Marcus's dick and he slides his finger inside her wet pussy. She pants with pleasure. But Silvia knows she has to save some energy for the massage and she instructs him to wash off so they can proceed to the mat.She pours the oil on his back as he remarks how good it feels on his skin. She starts massaging him, pouring oil on herself before she flips him over and body slides her beautiful tits along his front. As she slides up and down his body, she looks at his dick with hungry eyes. She confesses that she really wants to put it in her mouth as she slips his cock down her throat. But Silvia is just getting started on Billy's boss, and she's going to do EVERYTHING in her power to make sure that her husband gets that promotion...

2 Nov 2018 | 12:00 am EDT

Oiling Up The Secretary - Isabelle Deltore & Alex De La Flor

Isabelle Deltore and Alex De La Flor are in the office, looking over some paperwork at their separate stations. The phone rings and Alex picks it up. She paraphrases what she's told out loud so that her boss can overhear - apparently there's a complaint about their newest gel being too dry.As Isabelle listens, she becomes furious. When Alex attempts to calm down the boss while keeping the caller on the line, Isabelle gestures for the receiver, then tells the person on the other line how dare people question her gel. She informs them that she developed the formula for the new gel personally, did a full R&D phase, and has maintained rigorous quality control throughout... and there's no way in hell that these accusations are going to fly with her! Isabelle promptly hangs up on the customer, then asks Alex if she REALLY followed up everything like she said she did. Alex sheepishly admits that she sent in the gel samples to the lab but they never got back to her in time, so she just said they were approved so they didn't miss any deadlines. She called them twice a day and they kept promising her that the results would be ready shortly, but...Isabelle is NOT happy and scolds Alex, frustrated that Alex would put the company on the line like that. Isabelle tells Alex that they're going to have to test out the gel right here, right now. When Alex asks Isabelle how she wants to conduct the test, Isabelle sweeps everything off of Alex's desk and pushes it all on the floor as Alex's mouth drops. Isabelle tells her that she needs to let her give her a massage to make sure the gel is working effectively. Alex reluctantly agrees as she starts taking off her clothes. She lies down on the desk and Isabelle oils up her hands and starts working on her body. From the initial assessment, it seems like the gel is working just fine, but Isabelle needs to be sure. Isabelle soon starts taking off her clothes as well. She doesn't want to get oil on her clothes and figures if she gets some on her skin, she'll have even more proof her oil is working. She undresses then tells Alex to follow her out of the office to an inflatable mattress in another room. Isabelle lays down on the mattress and tells Alex to get to work -- they need to make sure the gel is nice and slippery. Alex massages her, but hesitates when her hands get close to Isabelle's butt. When she massages her ass, Alex wonders if she needs to be massaging her there. Isabelle reminds her that in order for them to be absolutely sure the oil is working properly, they have to put it on every part of the body -- the butt is no exception. Alex agrees and continues with the massage. Isabelle doesn't understand what the clients are complaining about since the gel is definitely doing its job!All the slipping and sliding not only heats up the gel but the passion between the boss and her secretary. Isabelle soon takes over to do some sensual body sliding along Alex's hot body, putting her product to the ultimate test. They do some extra quality control for how well the gel does during sex, which requires fingering, tribbing, and more. Isabelle won't stop until she's completely satisfied with the results since her pride's on the line!

31 Oct 2018 | 12:00 am EDT

Mother Daughter Bonding - Silvia Saige & Joseline Kelly

Silvia Saige walks into her living room to ask her stepdaughter Joseline Kelly what she's up to. Silvia's had a long day at work and wants to know how her day at school went. Joseline looks at her and responds in a bitter tone 'What do you care?' as she plays with her cellphone. Silvia walks towards her and sits down on the couch next to Joseline. With a sympathetic voice, she tells her that of course she cares about her. Joseline responds that if she cared so much she would have shown up to her cheerleading practice. Joseline knows full well she had to work that day and will come to the next one, Silvia retorts. Joseline exhales loudly and responds 'whatever' dismissively. Silvia shrugs her shoulders and gets up to leave the room.A little later that day, Silvia approaches Joseline, who is in the living room sitting on a massage table and studying for a class. Joseline sighs and turns away from her, pretending to be immersed in her book. Silvia sits down next to her asking her what she's reading. It's for school says Joseline. Silvia says 'I figured it's for school honey but what subject is it specifically?' Joseline rolls her eyes and says she takes an online massage class. Silvia asks her when she started studying that. Joseline retorts that it doesn't matter since she can't help her. Silvia asks her what kind of help she needs. When Joseline blurts out that she needs someone to practice on. Silvia volunteers immediately. Joseline is surprised and asks her honestly if she's really willing to help her. Silvia tells her that she really means it and would do anything to help her. 'Anything?' Joseline says pensively. Silvia repeats 'Anything'Silvia, eager to get in her daughter's good graces, quickly strips off her clothes and jumps up onto the massage table, lying face down. Joseline pours oil on her hands and starts massaging Silvia's naked body. Her mom is loving the massage, moaning softly. As her hands begin to massage Silvia's ass, Joseline can't help but bite her lip and compliment her mom's curves. Silvia thanks her softly, telling Joseline that she's really helping her glutes since it feels so...tight back there. Joseline seems hypnotized and can barely tear her hands away from Silvia's glistening ass, but eventually and with some difficulty she does, asking Silvia to turn over. Seeing her mom's gorgeous body stretched out in front of her, Joseline is dumbfounded. She quickly snaps back to reality and begins massaging Silvia's front side, starting with Silvia's long legs, before moving on to her stomach and eventually her ample breasts. As she lovingly massages her mom's wet tits, Silvia becomes more and more relaxed while Joseline becomes more and more turned on. Finally, Joseline has to say something, shyly asking her mom if it's weird that she thinks that her tits are really hot. Silvia sits up, tenderly telling her daughter that that isn't weird at all. If Joseline thinks her tits are hot...she should try her lips, Silvia says lustfully. Joseline leans in, kissing her mother sensually. Abruptly Joseline pulls away. She has second thoughts and feels like this is strange. Silvia reassures her, reminding her that she's only her step-mom, so there's no reason to feel strange. They resume their kiss as Joseline takes off her clothes. Silvia grins at the sight of her daughter's cute little ass. Joseline begins to lightly stroke her mom between her legs before lowering her juicy lips to Silvia's dripping pussy and licking passionately. Before long, Silvia is returning the favor and giving Joseline a kind of pleasure that she's never experienced before, eager to show her just how strong a mother-daughter bond can be.

29 Oct 2018 | 12:00 am EDT

The New NURU Trend - Quinn Wilde & Zac Wild

Quinn Wilde greets her next client, Zachary Wild, a man in his early 20s dressed in contemporary preppy fashion. He greets her enthusiastically and asks if this parlor offers NURU massages. Quinn says yes, they actually just added it recently, explaining that it's become quite popular in recent months. Zachary explains that he's a blogger for a lifestyle site called AdultTime that's all about activities, trends and fads geared towards adults. He's heard similar buzz about the growing popularity of NURU massages but there aren't many articles on it and the ones that are out there are pretty vague, and so he wanted to write an article on his first experience with it. Quinn is excited to be part of an article for such a popular site, and eagerly promises that she'll give him a NURU massage he'll never forget!Quinn leads the blogger to the shower and tells him to get undressed. Zachary seems taken aback, because that's not how things are done in the massages he's usually had - isn't the masseuse supposed to leave the room and let him get undressed in private? Quinn giggles and explains it's all part of the NURU process - he'll need to lighten up and let her do her thing if he wants to experience the real deal. He pulls his sweater vest over his head and once he can see again, sees that Quinn is naked! He can feel a bit of a hard-on coming on from looking at her naked body, and he starts to blush and tries to cover up his half-hard dick. The masseuse giggles again and insists he has no reason to be shy, especially with him being such a cutie. She ushers him into the shower and explains that the next part of the massage is to wet their skin, it helps activate the essential oils within the special NURU gel they use.The masseuse soaps up and rubs down the blogger as they shower together. She is incredibly flirty, and the blogger clearly likes the attention but isn't used to it, blushing and stuttering as she teases him with her body and hands. She presses her body against his, asks him to remark on whether he thinks she's cute, and other forward behavior. This escalates further when she brings the loufa down to his crotch, and she starts scrubbing him there. He stands there uneasily, trying not to think too hard on what's going on. But eventually the masseuse stops using the loufa and moves her hand up to stroke his dick gently. 'H-hey!' Zachary says in surprise, but the masseuse insists he needs to relax and get out of his head. How is he going to write a proper article if he doesn't enjoy the experience to its fullest? The blogger admits that that's true, and lets her continue. She gives him a handjob and a blowjob right there in the shower.The blogger is enjoying the handjob and blowjob so much, that he seems to be getting edged to climax. He announces he's about to cum, and the masseuse pulls away. Noooo, he can't cum yet! she says with a pout, they're not even at the massage yet, this is just the warm-up! To his disappointment, she stops and gets up, leaving him at the edge of climax. If he thought that was good, he's going to LOVE the full massage!She leads him to the mat in the middle and instructs him to lie down. She oils them both up and gives him a lengthy NURU massage, including plenty of cock teasing to keep him in the mood from before. Eventually, she announces that it's finally time for the main event, and asks if he's ready. He nods eagerly, and she giggles at his enthusiasm before plunging his dick into her pussy. Maybe THIS is why there are so few articles about NURU massages out there!

26 Oct 2018 | 12:00 am EDT

Inspection Gone Wrong - Bridgette B & Christy Love

Buxom health inspector Bridgette B walks into the massage parlor, looking preoccupied and annoyed. She looks at her watch and sighs. Petite masseuse Christy Love walks into the room apologizing that she kept her waiting. Bridgette stares at her with a look of disdain and reminds her that their meeting was for 1 o'clock sharp and no later. When Christy responds that it's 1:02 pm, Bridgette just blankly stares at her and then starts looking around stating that her place of business looks like a mess. Christy tries to explain that she was just tidying up, but Bridgette cuts her off, telling Christy that she'll have a look at the back if that's not too much trouble for her. Christy motions her to follow her and Bridgette just walks past her scoffing. In the back room, Bridgette looks around and rolls her eyes; it's a mess! Christy tells her she was in the process of cleaning her place because they've been busy lately, but Bridgette just looks at her, prompting her to stop talking. When Christy finally shuts her mouth Bridgette reminds her that they booked this inspection two weeks ago and she has had plenty of time to prepare. In response, Christy meekly says that she wished she had more time. Bridgette looks at Christy right in the eyes and offers her an ultimatum: what is she willing to do to pass this inspection? Christy says she'll do anything, she'll even have sex with her. Bridgette looks surprised, she was just hinting that she wanted a massage on the house! But sex is even better. The masseuse is relieved, she can give a massage on the house. But it's too late! Now that Bridgette knows sex is an option, she doesn't want just a massage anymore... although she's taking that, too!Bridgette lifts her skirt, revealing her shaved pussy. Climbing up onto the massage table, she spreads her tanned legs and motions for Christy to start. Christy begins to eat Bridgette's pussy enthusiastically. Before long, Bridgette is convulsing in ecstasy, grinding her pussy on Christy's face as she cums intensely. Bridgette congratulates her on a good job and reminds her that it's massage time. Bridgette takes off the remainder of her clothes, unveiling her spectacular tits. She lies down on her chest as Christy pours oil on her back, expertly massaging the health inspector. Bridgette prompts her to give her luscious ass some attention. Christy does what she's told, working Bridgette's firm bottom. When she flips onto her back, Christy makes sure not to miss an inch of Bridgette's massive breasts, pouring oil on them as she squeezes them eagerly. Soon Christy decides that it's time for her to get naked too to make sure that Bridgette gets the best service possible, and her clothes fall to the floor. Bridgette is impressed by the masseuse's tight body. As Christy climbs up onto the massage table and kisses Bridgette's tits slowly and delicately, the inspector directs her to go...lower. Christy moves down between her legs and begins to lick Bridgette's pussy again. Christy may have made the inspector cum once already, but Bridgette is about to show the masseuse that for her to pass the inspection, her work is just beginning...

22 Oct 2018 | 12:00 am EDT

The Boss And The Client - India Summer & Tommy Gunn

India Summer is on the couch with her husband, getting a nice foot massage from him as she enjoys her day off. Then her phone rings, much to her husband's dismay, but she has to pick up. She answers it to find out that one of her girls can't come to work today and there's a client in need of a masseuse. Despite her husband's 'don't you dare' looks, she says that she'll take care of the client. Her husband can't believe that she's going in when they're supposed to be having some alone time! She promises that she'll be back soon and will make it all up to him. After making a pinky promise with her husband, India hurries off.When she gets to the massage parlor, Tommy Gunn is already there waiting. India asks him how long has he been waiting here, Tommy responds that it's been about 15 minutes. He adds that usually his masseuse Cindy lets him in but she never showed up. India explains that Cindy called in sick. Tommy asks her who's going to service him since it's usually Cindy that does it. India tells him that she's there and ready to give him a massage, but when Tommy mentions that he usually gets a Nuru massage, she's confused. While she doesn't know what that is, since she's just the owner and not a regular masseuse, she's happy to give Tommy a Nuru massage, as long as he talks her through it. Tommy agrees and they move to the shower.India is all the more confused as they stand in the shower until Tommy tells her that this is part of the Nuru massage, too. She's shocked that Cindy strips down and showers with her clients, getting them nice and clean for a massage on a mattress! She never knew that this was what was going on in the parlor. Although she's hesitant, she wants to keep Tommy's business, so she strips down and does as he instructs. She tries her best to give him a sensual massage without it getting TOO sensual since she has a husband waiting at home. When it comes time to clean Tommy's cock, she's hesitant. She keeps insisting that she's married, although Tommy doesn't seem too concerned. She continues on with the massage, stroking his dick while trying not to stare directly at it.When they're done showering, they move into the parlor. Tommy lays down on a mattress and India rubs Nuru gel along his back. When he tells her to climb on top of him, since that's part of the massage, she's once again hesitant. It's such an intimate thing, but she makes herself do it, anyway. She slowly slips and slides along his body, gradually getting heated up through the full-body contact. Once she notices Tommy's fully erect cock, her primal urges take over as she begins going down on him, getting him ready to slip inside her pussy. Once she's on top of Tommy and riding his cock, getting home to her husband is the furthest thing from her mind!

19 Oct 2018 | 12:00 am EDT

Showered With Affection - Charles Dera & Dana DeArmond & Whitney Wright

Two masseuses, Dana DeArmond and Whitney Wright, are waiting at the reception desk for their next scheduled appointments, both due to start in a couple of minutes. They are both NURU massage treatments, which is a nice break from all the swedish massages most people get.While they wait, the masseuses flirt a little with Dana playfully flicking the bottom of Whitney's satin robe. Whitney playfully tries to get her to stop since a client might walk in any moment! That doesn't stop her from instantly crawling onto Dana's lap to make out and fondle Dana's breasts, though. Dana then eventually says that they have to stop because one of her favorite clients is about to come in.Dana mentions that she's had this client before and he's pretty good-looking, especially because she loves a man who exudes lots of confidence. Whitney mentions that her client is also quite good-looking, he tends to come in straight from the office after work and she loves a man who can rock a suit. She thinks he gets them tailor-made because rumour is he's pretty wealthy. Dana mentions that hers also likes to wear suits. She thinks he's some big shot lawyer, it explains why he's so stressed all the time and comes for massages so often. Whitney remarks that that's a strange coincidence, her wealthy client is a lawyer, too...Just then, the client, Charles Dera, comes in the door wearing one of his trademark suit and tie, looking confident. When he approaches the counter, the masseuses greet him and explain that there was some kind of mix-up in the schedule and he was booked with both masseuses, so he can pick whichever one he prefers for the appointment. He explains that it was not a mistake - he just landed a big account for his firm and wanted to celebrate, so he decided to treat himself and get a one-of-a-kind massage - NURU with two girls instead of one! The masseuses look at each other hesitantly and apologize to him that the parlor doesn't actually offer two-masseuse massage treatments, but Charles says he'll give them each a big tip if they agree to do it. Dana says it's a little unorthodox, but she supposes she doesn't mind if Whitney doesn't mind. They decide that since they've both already been booked and have nothing else to do anyways, what's the harm?The masseuses lead the client to the private massage room, complete with a large shower. They undress him from his business suit, being playful with him, leaving on his tie until last, etc. They announce that they'll get undressed next but Charles proposes an idea, it would be much more fun if the two masseuses undress each other instead. They say sure, and he watches while they put on a little show for him of undressing each other sensually. Once all three are naked, they lead Charles to the shower. He says this is his favorite part of the massage experience, and the masseuses say that in that case, they'll spend some extra time in the shower today just for him. The two masseuses give him a lengthy shower cleaning and massage, full of pampering and some body worship, stroking his dick, and even spending some time touching each other as well at his request.After the shower, the masseuses lead Charles to the mat and begin the massage proper. They oil up each other's bodies, again with a bit of emphasis towards putting on a show for their client, rubbing each other's breasts for fun. Once thoroughly oiled up, they bring their attention back to Charles and give him an explosive two-masseuse NURU massage, which ultimately leads to a sexy threesome with both Dana and Whitney eager to please!

17 Oct 2018 | 12:00 am EDT

Parent-Teacher Intervention - Chloe Foster & Mercedes Carrera & London River

Chloe Foster enters her house, keys jangling in hand, and is about to head to her room when she stops short. In the room facing the hallway, waiting side by side with their arms crossed and impatient looks on their faces, sit Chloe's teacher, Mercedes Carrera, and her step-mother, London River. 'Uh oh, this can't be good,' Chloe mutters as she begrudgingly makes her way to join them.After Chloe sits across from the two stern-looking older women, London is the first to speak up - imagine her surprise when she got a call from Mercedes saying that her step-daughter was in danger of failing her Health & Fitness class! She invited Mercedes over for coffee to apologize for her daughter and to discuss the details, and it sounds like Chloe's been skipping classes lately?Chloe rolls her eyes belligerently, it's a bogus class all about new-agey stuff like healing crystals and reiki and a bunch of other pseudoscience. Mercedes looks a bit uncomfortable as Chloe describes how fake all that stuff is, and London tries to apologise for her daughter's lack of tact. Mercedes says it's quite alright, she knows not everybody believes in alternative medicines - but she's shaped the course to cover different health practices from all different cultures and religions, and even if her students don't believe in all of it, it's important for them to still learn the course material. London steps in to point out that it's also not going to look good on Chloe's college applications if she's skipping classes and failing classes. Mercedes starts explaining that while Chloe was away, the biggest thing she missed was the section on massage therapy, and that all the students learned the basic techniques for how to give massages. 'Ooh,' London interjects, 'that sounds fun! Chloe, I can't believe you didn't want to learn about this!' Chloe rolls her eyes, but Mercedes riffs off of London's enthusiasm. She explains how the students had several days to learn and practice the techniques, but since she has to condense everything into one lesson, it would probably be easiest to just show some examples and then have Chloe copy what she's doing. London perks up, and volunteers to be their practice patient. Chloe is still uncertain, but if it's between this and failing high school... She reluctantly agrees and the trio moves to a portable massage table.Mercedes makes note that in real massage situations it's better to rub bare skin so the clothes don't pinch or scratch the patient, though of course in class everybody kept their shirts on. London volunteers to take hers off if that would help the lesson - they're all women here after all. Chloe's embarrassed as Mercedes instructs London to lie on her stomach, and then explains some basic massage principles to Chloe. As she explains, she provides some visual demonstrations of some different techniques to use on each bodypart. Chloe then tries to copy the techniques, and Mercedes gives her additional feedback and instructions as they go along.After more back massaging, Mercedes suggests that they turn to London's front. She mentions to them both that the weight of women's breasts can add a lot of strain to the back and chest, especially without ample support. Mercedes then applies some light massage techniques on and around London's breasts. London remarks that she had no idea she was keeping so much tension there but she notices it now. Mercedes instructs Chloe to copy the breast massage techniques she showed her, and Chloe seems a bit unsure. 'I mean, she's my step-mom, it's a little weird, no?' But London assures Chloe that it's all good, especially since it's for the practice.Chloe starts massaging around her mom's breasts, but she does a poor job and Mercedes jokes that she looks like she's more grabbing and fondling them than massaging them properly. She shows Chloe the techniques again, and they take turns repeating the massage motions on London's breasts until Chloe has gotten the techniques right. Throughout this, London seems to be enjoying it more and more, mmm-ing and moaning.Then Mercedes moves to massage London's pussy, which has London moaning louder by the second. When Mercedes says it's Chloe's turn, Chloe hesitates, not feeling comfortable with applying that kind of technique on her step-mother. Mercedes says she completely understands and strips down, insisting that Chloe can practice on her instead! London cheerfully insists that Chloe get naked, too, to save her clothes from the oil...Mercedes lays on the massage table while Chloe starts applying the sensual rubbing techniques to the her pussy while London rubs her breasts. When Mercedes suggests massaging her pussy with her mouth, it's too much for Chloe. London laughs and says she'll do it since she experimented some in college, which makes Chloe groan with embarrassment. Mercedes eagerly agrees and lays back to have her pussy eaten out by London while Chloe massages her breasts. After a bit of fun, Mercedes insists that it's Chloe's turn to enjoy the techniques, showing her that a parent teacher intervention doesn't always have to be a bad thing!

15 Oct 2018 | 12:00 am EDT

You'll Love My Daughter - Seth Gamble & Brett Rossi & Jane Wilde

Jane Wilde sits at home studying when her step-mom, Brett Rossi comes in and reminds her that it's time to go meet her boss at the massage parlor to see if they can get Jane a job. Arriving at the parlor, Brett shows Jane around before leading her to a private massage room where the owner, Seth Gamble, is re-shelving some NURU gel bottles. Brett takes the lead in the introductions, telling Seth that this is her step-daughter and that she just turned 18 and is looking for a job. They both thought it would be a great idea to get some professional experience working here! Seth is skeptical - Jane hasn't said much, and he doesn't think she has enough enthusiasm to be able to represent their brand. They're all about client satisfaction here, after all, and a bored client is an unsatisfied client. Brett promises that even though she's a bit shy, Jane is a great masseuse and could give a client anything they might want. Seth says he'll have to see for himself, he's willing to give Jane a trial run right now before he makes his decision. Brett encourages Jane to go ahead and show him everything her step-mother taught her. After she gets the go-ahead, Jane helps the owner get undressed. She's shy to get naked herself, but her mom convinces her, reminding her that this is kind of a job interview. She takes a deep breath and starts washing Seth. Brett watches with interest from a stool to the side, cheering on her daughter as she soaps Seth up, but occasionally Brett can't help but interject with a motherly reminder of what to do (or what not to do), which doesn't go over very well with Jane.Done with the shower, Seth is lying down in the massage room, ready to start the massage portion of the trial run. Brett shows Jane exactly how to massage the NURU gel along Seth's body. She does and Brett then tells Jane to body slide on him. She slides along his naked body, REALLY loving what she's doing. After she finishes the massage and asks how she did, the owner admits that Jane has potential. Oftentimes new clients think this is 'those other' kinds of massage parlors, the X-rated ones, and he's worried that a young woman like herself - especially a shy one - might not be able to handle those kinds of situations. He asks her how she would handle those kinds of clients who want 'special treatment'. That's easy, she answers with a smile, Seth said that this is establishment is all about client satisfaction so she would give them exactly what they're hoping for! And before he can object, she takes his shaft and wraps her whole mouth around it and starts sucking happily. 'Oh shit!' the owner says with a laugh, but Brett is much less amused - she shrieks at her step-daughter and asks what she thinks she's doing. Jane pulls herself off his dick and asks if she did something wrong - she thought it was a trick question. Didn't her step-mom tell her to make sure the owner was fully satisfied, no matter what he asked? Brett is mortified, but Seth wants more - he tells the step-daughter she's doing great so far, she should keep going. She happily obliges and goes back to sucking his dick.Brett stands up in outrage, she can't believe what she's witnessing. The owner shrugs and tells Brett that instead of interrupting her daughter's trial run, maybe she should join them. Brett is hesitant, but Jane insists it's not a big deal, it'll be fun! Ultimately Brett agrees that it will be fun, and stripping off her clothes, pours more NURU gel on Seth's hard cock, and joins her daughter in sucking it. Before this trial run is over, Seth is going to find out EXACTLY how much he loves Brett's daughter-not to mention Brett herself!

12 Oct 2018 | 12:00 am EDT

Marital Problems - Britney Amber & Jade Nile

Britney Amber walks into the massage parlor looking frustrated. She just got into a fight with her stupid husband and really needs to unwind. Britney exhales loudly showing she's visibly stressed. Jade Nile, the masseuse, states that she can service her immediately if she likes. She asks her to follow her to the massage area so they can begin. Jade asks Britney to take off her clothes but before Jade can turn around, Britney is getting naked as she vents. Jade is taken aback at how forward Britney is and how comfortable she is stripping in front of her. She explains how her husband is a complete asshole and that she's always been curious what it would be like to be with a woman. She asks Jade if she's ever been with a woman. Jade giggles and admits that she has had some...experiences. Britney retorts that she's always curious about girls but never took the plunge. She kissed a girl in college but that's the extent of her experience. When Britney asks Jade to tell her about her lesbian experiences, she tries to ignore the question. Britney asks Jade if she's making her uncomfortable. Jade smiles, saying she just wants to keep things professional. Jade oils up her hands and starts massaging her back as Britney continues to vent. She talks about how her husband never picks up after himself and how she always has to clean up after him. Jade massages her lower back as Britney tells that it feels really good. When Jade hands gets close to Britney's ass, Britney tells her to go lower. When Jade starts massaging her there, Britney starts moaning telling her that it feels amazing.Jade asks Britney to turn around and lie on her back. She starts massaging her tits as Britney moans louder making it obvious to both of them that she's really turned on. Britney takes her hand and puts it on her pussy saying that her husband doesn't even pay attention to her anymore. Jade tells her that normally she doesn't do that here as her salon is strictly professional, but she does want to make Britney feel good. And she knows just the spot, she says as she begins to massage Britney's pussy. Britney moans loudly, loving it. Pretty soon, Britney's pussy is soaking wet and Jade is on all fours, her face deep in it, ready to do anything it takes to make her client forget all about her marital problems.

8 Oct 2018 | 12:00 am EDT


Massage Fucking

Massage Fucking

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